Nirvalin Chronicles

The Exodus of Wybury

After the wonderful feast and festivities of the celebration, the Champions of Wybury find themselves awakening to reality and needing to return to their quest at hand. Gathering up their new purchases and supplies, the adventurers were ready to leave the town and head on their way with Rossla in tow. Unfortunately they were not able to leave immediately. They were attacked by zombies. The corpses were those of the previously slain werebarts. The battle was quickly won. The adventurers investigated and found only a faint evil/undead aura in the room where the bodies were being prepared for burial. Upon further investigation, it was discovered that the aura was centered on Richard. This revelation alarmed the adventurers who thought Richard should immediately seek help. Richard asked the advice of the cleric Olean and of the priestess Laftria. Olean suggested he go to Anon. Laftria suggested he try to find the elves in the west. After careful thought, Richard decided now was not the time for a cure. He appeared in no immediate danger and what use is a cure if the world is in shambles.
With those thoughts in mind, the party departed. The treck through The Wood was not uneventful. The adventurers encountered and defeated a wraith. Guilder was able to lead the group through the forest with few detours and little delay.
On the far side of the forest awaited a sad farwell. The adventurers had to say good bye to Rossla. She set off towards the paladin enclave. The rest of the party continued on to Glitterdale where Locke and Altair had their visions. Along the way they met several rangers who told of strange things in the woods to the south.
The town was all but deserted. A single inhabitant remained, a dwarf named Rusty. He informed the adventurers of how the entire town had to move away when the mine closed down. Locke began looking for the old dungeon where everything began for him. Altair found it. It revealed only a dirt filled pit. It looked to have been filled in and deliberately collapsed. Altair and Locke found the place of their vision as well, but no new clues were revealed.
The next day the adventurers decided to head out of town and visit the nearby elf ruins before continueing their quest south to Iversten.

To be continued.

Log, as of June

Note: The current quest log can be found here.

Main Quests

The Reckoning

The Council of Mages has tasked our heroes with rallying the nations in defense against an impending invasion from another plane while they work to discover more on the origin and nature of the problem. A threat looms on the horizon and the world needs to be prepared.

So far we have rallied the Knights of Lion’s Shield, Wybury, Iversten, and Pettleburg. We must continue on to greater allies!

Personal Quests

Darkness Inside

Richard faces inner struggles with his condition of semi-undeadedness. He had managed to keep his condition a secret until Guilder sensed the darkness growing in him.

Until recently, Richard Farrough’s struggle was exclusively an internal affair. However, now it appears as though something more dire is at hand, as minor undead rise about him.


As though Richard didn’t have enough to worry about, he has been the target of an assassination attempt by the Assandsins when he was in Halden. Richard later learned from the bounty hunter Catalina that a bounty on him was issued from a source in the city Damacia.

Pirate’s Gold

Locke Raventail had feared that his portion of the gold from Glitterdale‘s mine had been lost for good when the mine’s warden ran off with the loot. However, when the dread pirate Salazar‘s attempt for revenge on Locke went sour, Locke learned that Salazar had managed to capture the warden, as well as the mine’s gold. Locke, unable to have the Pirate confide in him the location of the gold and unwilling to travel with a potential knife at his back, handed the felon over to the Knights of Lion’s Shield.

Later on in Pettleburg, Salazar returned and once again made an attempt on Locke’s life, this time with the aid of an undead monster from a new benefactor from Arcades. His plans were thwarted once again, but the pirate managed to escape this time. Locke, however, had managed to buy the favor of Catalina, Salazar’s ex-partner, who may have information that will lead to Locke’s stolen gold and Salazar.

Venturing into the Blue Lands, Catalina lead the party to a lighthouse, and managed to reveal Salazar’s secret phantom ship. The party fell into yet another ambush when they borded the ship, but this time Locke and Salazar finally had their inevitable duel to the death, mano a mano. Locke pierced the pirate’s heart, and Salazar fell to Davy Jones’ locker. Both the warden from Glitterdale’s mine and the stolen gold was found, but Locke decided he was tired of chasing the gold that was stolen from him. Or he didn’t want to sour his relations with Catalina. Either way, he passed it on to Catalina. What a doofus.


Upon seeing Xavier Duskbreaker in Arcades, Locke and Altair both remember having met him on the road while traveling through the Green Lands. In the memory, Duskbreaker had cast a spell just before the character passes out. Locke recalls waking up from that blackout in a dungeon where he fought zombies, and found a necronomicon. These memories are enough to rouse suspicion and distrust of Duskbreaker.

Altair’s Mother

Altair Teleos has searched far and wide for his long-lost mother, and recently has made a breakthrough of certain import. Using a crystal ball, Altair was still unable to discern the location of his mother. Altair now knows that his mother is somehow hidden from such magical detection, and powerful magic is the only thing that could block such a device as a crystal ball.

Side Quests

Society for Gnomish Research, Death Spore Thalids

On our way back to Pettleburg, we came across a grove of particularly sickly looking trees. Upon closer inspection, we discovered that the grove was full of man-sized walking mushrooms! The fungi exhausted deadly, ability damaging spores. Taking great care, we collected spore samples to give to the society.

Completed Quests

A Magnetic Personality

Having rallied the aid of Pettleburg for the Reckoning, the party discovered that the guard was hopelessly under equipped as the town’s blacksmith was recently robbed. The party ventured into the marshes of the Blue Lands to find the missing equipment, and discovered that a weather experiment gone wrong had summoned accidentally a lightning elemental. The thing had stolen the blacksmith’s goods with the magic of magnetism!

We destroyed the foe and reclaimed the stolen wares (as well as some of our own), and in exchange for our services, Marco the blacksmith agreed to forge any masterwork item for us, free of charge. We decided to get Richard’s horse some barding.

Silver Armor Thieves

A set of silver armor has been stolen from Alaborn’s shrine, and the priests there have asked the heroes to return the stolen armor. We know that bandits are the culprits, but their whereabouts beyond “heading along the road” were a mystery.

Weeks later, we encountered a gang of corrupted, malformed people who were once the bandits. We slew them along with a Gigas, and they had in their possession the stolen silver armor. However, the once brilliant armor had been tainted and deformed just as the bandits were. Nevertheless, Altair Teleos elected to equip the set to see what the taint might have done to it, and was subsequently imprisoned in the cursed armor.

The party implored the Council of Mages for aid, and Altair agreed to return to Arcades. On the way, the monk suffered from surreal nightmares and severe illness, and it was soon realized that he had made a psychic connection with the realm of Giardur, Kingdom of Dungeons, where he visited in his dreams. As far as could be known, the other side was not aware that Altair was aware, and had plans for him we know not what.

The mages hatched a crack-pot plan to observe Altair’s dreams and see what they might. However, Altair was unable to keep up the charade, and Giardur shut its window to him.

Mayhem and Mischief

Managed to catch the meddlesome Gremlin, but then let him go.

Bump in the Night

Saved Wybury from the Werebat menace.

Cure for the Priest

Cured Father Olean from his case of lycanthropy.

Moon Flower

Fetched the Moon Flower in exchange for Wolfs-bane.

Society for Gnomish Research, The Spirit Monger

Having “researched” the Spirit Monger, Altair checked in with one of the society’s branches to report the party’s findings.

The Hapless army

Richard started to train the would-be paladins. Although Richard could teach them how to fight, he could not teach them why to fight, thus the party sought Rossla, the most experienced paladin they know, to guide them.

Society for Gnomish Research, Angaha

We managed to pull a feather from the elusive beast. Sigfry was very pleased.

Frustrating Furniture

A college prank gone wrong causes animated office furniture to run-a-muck across the city of Arcades.

Champions of Wybury

After the slaying of the fiendish Cormach, the party rushed on back to Wybury to inform the townspeople that their fair city is safe, and to return the moonflower to Laftria in exchange for wolf’s bane, the salve needed to cure Olean of the curse of lycanthropy. The party arrived triumphantly at the breaking of dawn, greeted by the awkward gazes of confused farmhands. The party then split up, Altair and Amaranth headed to the Temple of Rochendil to turn in the quest item to Laftria, while Richard, Guilder, and Locke Raventail went to the Keep to speak with Rossla.
After some difficulty in identifying which priestess was Laftria, Altair and Amaranth was glad to have their end of the bargain fulfilled. Lafria gave the heroes her stock of wolf’s bane (enough for three doses), and also allowed them to take a look at her stock of personal items; a handful of useful magical trinkets and wares. Altair spent his last cent on an Amulet of Natural Armor (+1) before the pair made for the Church in hopes that their efforts to acquire the antidote was not for naught.
Meanwhile, Richard, Guilder, and Locke arrived at the keep, once again greeted by Aaron the Gateman and his familiar phrase “Halt, who goes there?!?” The party is escorted to the Hall and inform Rossla and Carthil that all is well in the kingdom. With thanks, Rossla agrees to the party’s initial request of returning to the Paladin’s Enclave to help train them, while Carthil and Thorold is to prepare the city guard for impending global crisis.
Back at the Church, Olean received the dose wolf’s bane from Amaranth and Altair, and managed to make the resave against the curse of lycanthropy. With grate gratitude, he gives the heroes his aspergillum, and orders one of the church’s initiates to rouse Wybury for immediate celebration. Not fifteen seconds later when Altair and Amaranth leave the Church, the square is full of life, music, and merrymaking. The commotion is so great that the three heroes in the keep can’t help but notice, and soon they and all of Wybury are in attendance.
During the party, the heroes’ regaled their adventures in the far south to Guilder, while Amaranth performed magic tricks and Gilligan ate all the food.

Since arriving in Craithweith

After arriving in Wybury, the adventurers rented rooms at the local inn and stabled their horses. Altair was picked up by some guards and taken to the drunk tank in Rosethorn Keep. There he met a blind man named Cormach. In the morning, the party ventured to Rosethorn Keep to tell their friend Rossla of the dire danger in the realm. On the road, the party met back up with Altair who had been released first thing in the morning. They reached the Keep and met with Rossla. There was much rejoicing. The adventurers told Rossla of the collapsing of the barriers between realms. Rossla also had bad tidings to give her friends. People had gone missing in Wybury. Rossla would not be able to do anything about gathering her troops with the kidnapper still on the loose. The adventurers agreed to help in the investigation.
After some sleuthing with Thorold, the adventurers determined that two of the people went missing to the west. They also met up with a ranger. They went to the crime scene in the west and found large paw prints. After intimidating some children, they learned that the third missing person was lost near the forest. The adventurers traveled there and found the campsite of the youths. Against the judgment of Thorold and the ranger they stayed the night at the forest’s edge, hoping to lure the beast back. They failed and returned to the Keep the next day.
They found the townspeople of Wybury gathering to search the countryside to the west. During the night a Lycanthrope hunter, named Guilder, had arrived. He had been following a Lycan for quite some time and it had led him to Craithweith and Wybury. Rather than joining the search party, he struck out on his own to find the beast. The adventurers joined the search party and began looking for caves, which Guilder had suggested would be an ideal lycan lair. After several hours of tedious searching, they found a cave. Inside there was a dead body. It was that of one of the missing people. Further inside the adventurers found another missing person, who turned into a werebat. The adventurers took the creature down, but not before it got several bites into Richard and several scratches into Altair. Hearing a scream from outside the cave, the adventurers ran back out to find another werebat attacking a priest of the Church of the All-Mother and Great-Father, Olean. They ran to his aid and defeated it. But again they took diseased scratches and bites. But when the priest examined them, everyone but the priest was undiseased. They hastened back to the town and took the priest to his church. He found he was unable to cure himself.
The worried party returned to the Keep for the night, but before they could make it in they heard a scream. Then with a crash, a cackling werebat flew from a window of an upper floor and off into the night. They party ran to the room and found Rossla comforting a hysterical woman named Sarah, who was the manager of the noble guests in the Keep. Guilder showed up moments later. Unable to get any answers out of Sarah, Guilder began sniffing out the culprit. The scent of the werebat went out the window. Thinking quickly, Rossla summoned her celestial steed and companion, Venya, to fly her and Guilder out into the night. Amaranth cast Light on Guilder’s shirt so that the rest of the party could find him once they left the keep. The trail went cold in the forest, crossing a river. With disappointment in their hearts, the party returned to the keep and went to bed.
Locke and Altair, however, could not sleep. Locke made inquiries with the Steward, Carthil about obtaining some fancy clothes. After that Altair and Locke both went to get baths before turning in. Locke became aware of a scuttling. A quick search revealed that one of his boots was missing. Putting on one boot and ignoring the loss of the other he began to search surrounding rooms for the thief. After brief conversations with both Rossla and Altair, he and Altair went to bed. On the morning, everyone at breakfast noticed that the eggs were very salty. So salty they were barely palatable. Investigating the oddness, they found the cook crying in the kitchen over her failure. Further investigation led Locke, Altair, and Guilder to the pantry. There they found a nook with meaningless treasures, along with Locke’s boot and a scroll of paper that had the assassination order for Richard Farrough written on it. Locke immediately put the boot on, pretending it had never been in the cache. He also pocketed the other items.
Listening, the smaller party noticed a tiny gremlin under the pantry shelves. They lunged for it and caught it. Trying to interrogate the little beast did little good. Bribing him seemed to do a little better, but it was all entirely fruitless. They tied him up and brought him out to the remainder of the party. Locke returned the scroll to Richard. Richard, Amaranth and Locke voted to take the gremlin to the guards and let them deal with the little miscreant. Unfortunately, Altair had other plans. He ran and let him free away from his persecutors. Locke was the only one fast enough to follow and found Altair after the deed was done. Locke didn’t really care in the first place about the gremlin. His boot was returned and his honor satisfied. Together they decided to go buy Altair’s new pants, which Altair had said he was going to do for several days.
Richard and Amaranth found an expensive mirror and with a Scry spell, managed to locate the little gremlin. He was on a ledge near the Keep’s exterior wall. Amaranth then cast Spider Climb on the guards who went after the gremlin. But the little thief was nimble enough to scamper away and escape their grasp. Amaranth and Richard cursed the injustice of it.
After a morning of chasing irritating rascals (the gremlin and Altair), Amaranth, Richard, and Guilder determined it was time to get back down to business. They knew they needed to find Wolfsbane to help save the priest for the terrible fate of being a Lycanthrope. Gathering some information they realized that the elven Temple was the best place to find the herb.
While Amaranth, Richard and Guilder went to the temple, Locke and Altair had arrived at the Clothier. There Altair paid for some handsome blue and gold pants and also paid to get his original orange pair repaired. Locke searched the shop/home of the clothier and found a diary. After skimming it he disappeared from the shop without a sound or a word. He went to the Temple, intending to climb onto the roof and have some fun.
Amaranth, Richard and Guilder arrived at the Temple first. Guilder did most of the talking and spoke politely and eloquently to the high priestess there. She offered some Wolfsbane, but she could not give it for free. Then Locke swung down into the center of the room, hanging by his ankle from a vine. He had managed to climb up a pillar onto the roof and then tried to make a brilliant entrance, which had failed. Gilligan, Amaranth’s familiar, chomped through the vine and Locke fell to the ground. He used almost inhuman grace to flip over and land on his feet. Having heard the predicament, he offered to pay the full cost of the Wolfsbane. The Priestess then suggested that perhaps the adventurers could do her a favor in return for the Wolfsbane.
Altair had long since finished in the clothier, and having lost track of Locke, set out for the rich part of town. After following the road to the sector, he decided simply walking was too mundane. So he took to the tops of the buildings, hopping from one to another. Going north toward the temple, he eventually reached the northern edge of the houses and took a giant leap. Seeming to defy reality, his jump landed him in the center of the oculus of the Temple. The rest of the group barely noticed his entrance and agreed to find the Moon Flower for the Priestess.
Filling in the details for Altair, the adventurers went to collect their horses. Altair visited the Mill instead, as he had no horse to collect. The adventurers went north to the highland swamp. It took several hours, but it was an uneventful trip. It was nearing dark as the swamp-mist rolled in. They could no longer see the road. However, they did see lights in the mists which appeared to indicate a path. They had been told to not follow the lights, but the Moon Flower would glow as well, so they couldn’t be sure. Being leery of the path lights, Locke searched for other lights. He found a solitary light close to the ground. Still unsure, Amaranth cast an Alter Wind spell on an arrow which was then fired into a bush near the glowing light. It revealed a flower!
With their goal in sight, the party advanced. Suddenly the ground shook and rose up! A monster appeared under the flower! It was the terrible Moonflower. It lures in its prey with the flower, then eats it. The adventurers did not flinch. They approached the creature and began their attack. After several tense minutes they defeated the creature. The fight resulted with Altair ruining his new blue and gold pants. With the Moon Flower in hand, the group returned to the road and made for town, thinking their night was over. They were wrong.
A cackling made them pause. They started again. Then cackling again. They continued trying to ignore the noise as part of their imagination, until they spotted a figure standing on the Earthworks next to the road. They realized it was the blind, pointy man Cormach. Heading over to him, they began a dialogue. He confessed to being the original werebat in a manaical manner. Realizing the need to stop this menace while they had the chance, the adventurers engaged. It was then that they were swarmed by bats. And the fight was joined. It was a magnificent battle, where the adventurers used cunning and power to defeat their dangerous foe and his bats. When they finished he lie dead on the ground. Their victory was cut short as they were reminded of the soon to be werebat man still in the town. The adventurers knew they still had to be on their way.

To Be Continued

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