Nirvalin Chronicles

Champions of Wybury

After the slaying of the fiendish Cormach, the party rushed on back to Wybury to inform the townspeople that their fair city is safe, and to return the moonflower to Laftria in exchange for wolf’s bane, the salve needed to cure Olean of the curse of lycanthropy. The party arrived triumphantly at the breaking of dawn, greeted by the awkward gazes of confused farmhands. The party then split up, Altair and Amaranth headed to the Temple of Rochendil to turn in the quest item to Laftria, while Richard, Guilder, and Locke Raventail went to the Keep to speak with Rossla.
After some difficulty in identifying which priestess was Laftria, Altair and Amaranth was glad to have their end of the bargain fulfilled. Lafria gave the heroes her stock of wolf’s bane (enough for three doses), and also allowed them to take a look at her stock of personal items; a handful of useful magical trinkets and wares. Altair spent his last cent on an Amulet of Natural Armor (+1) before the pair made for the Church in hopes that their efforts to acquire the antidote was not for naught.
Meanwhile, Richard, Guilder, and Locke arrived at the keep, once again greeted by Aaron the Gateman and his familiar phrase “Halt, who goes there?!?” The party is escorted to the Hall and inform Rossla and Carthil that all is well in the kingdom. With thanks, Rossla agrees to the party’s initial request of returning to the Paladin’s Enclave to help train them, while Carthil and Thorold is to prepare the city guard for impending global crisis.
Back at the Church, Olean received the dose wolf’s bane from Amaranth and Altair, and managed to make the resave against the curse of lycanthropy. With grate gratitude, he gives the heroes his aspergillum, and orders one of the church’s initiates to rouse Wybury for immediate celebration. Not fifteen seconds later when Altair and Amaranth leave the Church, the square is full of life, music, and merrymaking. The commotion is so great that the three heroes in the keep can’t help but notice, and soon they and all of Wybury are in attendance.
During the party, the heroes’ regaled their adventures in the far south to Guilder, while Amaranth performed magic tricks and Gilligan ate all the food.



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