Nirvalin Chronicles

The Exodus of Wybury

After the wonderful feast and festivities of the celebration, the Champions of Wybury find themselves awakening to reality and needing to return to their quest at hand. Gathering up their new purchases and supplies, the adventurers were ready to leave the town and head on their way with Rossla in tow. Unfortunately they were not able to leave immediately. They were attacked by zombies. The corpses were those of the previously slain werebarts. The battle was quickly won. The adventurers investigated and found only a faint evil/undead aura in the room where the bodies were being prepared for burial. Upon further investigation, it was discovered that the aura was centered on Richard. This revelation alarmed the adventurers who thought Richard should immediately seek help. Richard asked the advice of the cleric Olean and of the priestess Laftria. Olean suggested he go to Anon. Laftria suggested he try to find the elves in the west. After careful thought, Richard decided now was not the time for a cure. He appeared in no immediate danger and what use is a cure if the world is in shambles.
With those thoughts in mind, the party departed. The treck through The Wood was not uneventful. The adventurers encountered and defeated a wraith. Guilder was able to lead the group through the forest with few detours and little delay.
On the far side of the forest awaited a sad farwell. The adventurers had to say good bye to Rossla. She set off towards the paladin enclave. The rest of the party continued on to Glitterdale where Locke and Altair had their visions. Along the way they met several rangers who told of strange things in the woods to the south.
The town was all but deserted. A single inhabitant remained, a dwarf named Rusty. He informed the adventurers of how the entire town had to move away when the mine closed down. Locke began looking for the old dungeon where everything began for him. Altair found it. It revealed only a dirt filled pit. It looked to have been filled in and deliberately collapsed. Altair and Locke found the place of their vision as well, but no new clues were revealed.
The next day the adventurers decided to head out of town and visit the nearby elf ruins before continueing their quest south to Iversten.

To be continued.



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