Aries Eldermane

Summoner of Ifrit


Aries is the daughter of lord and lady Eldermane, and heir to their fortune. She is a happy-go-lucky high elf with aspirations of adventure. Although she had been taught business from a young age, such topics never interested her. She tends to prefer her training in the arcane arts, another field of study valued by her father. Zorin, the Unpredictable, a powerful sorcerer from the far west, was hired to teach Aries the secrets of mana. Aries has known Zorin for most of her life and sees him as her uncle, although they are not related.

Aries is small in stature, especially for a high elf who are typically taller than average humans, standing a mere 4’11’’. Her natural hair color is blond and with eyes of hazel, and by all accounts, a cute girl. However, after a rather unexpected run-in with an Efreet who granted her powers, her appearance changed dramatically, changing her hair to white, eyes to gold, and the appearance of spiral horns like a ram, on the sides of her head.

Aries Eldermane

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