Amaranth's Familiar


Gilligan is an Ooze Mephit, a slimy creature native to watery realms. At times Gilligan is a lazy, glutinous, and slothful creature who sleeps the day away after consuming more food than one would think possible considering his small stature. He also possesses an intense curiosity for new things (usually food), which has lead him to both trouble and fortune. Also, when he is motivated to an endeavor, he is possessed by a stubbornness to see it to fruition, even when it is neither efficient nor necessary.

Little is known of Gilligan’s past; he joined the party in Arcades, but how he came to be there is anyone’s guess. Very rarely, Gilligan will let slip hints of his life prior to his joining the party, suggesting a past of mistakes and regrets. He has admitted that friendship is what pulled him from the rim of despair, probably referring to his familiar bonding with Amaranth. His dedication to Amaranth is unwavering; their relationship is that of a partnership, rather than of a master and servant/pet as it is construed to be sometimes.

Gilligan’s true name is unpronounceable by humans, incorporating a complex array of croaks and trills; it was Amaranth who gave him his pseudonym.


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