N'enddra Baenreabban

Sneaky Sniper


N’enddra of House Baenreabban is trained in the ways of slave capturing, but chooses to use her talents to hunt big game of the Underdeep.


  • Race: Drow
  • Sex: Female
  • Age: 118(Intuitive)
  • Height: 5’11"
  • Weight: 175 lbs.
  • Eyes: Deep Magenta
  • Hair: Very long, naturally silver-white, dyed dark red.
  • Skin: Jet black
  • Defining Features: N’enddra’s hair is radically different from her society’s typical grayscale colors. She also keeps it incredibly long.
  • Preferred Clothing: Camouflage, dark leather hunting gear, animal skins.


  • Motivations: N’enddra is driven by her passion for hunting. She mostly ignores the will of her father, staying out of Neth Caiden for extended periods of time, preferring the wild of the Underdeep.
  • Fears: Eventual exile from Neth Caiden for straying from cultural norms.
  • Likes: Fresh kill, chasing prey, taking difficult shots.
  • Dislikes: Company, do-gooders, laws, society, impulsiveness.
  • Quirks: Way too obsessed with her damn hair. She also sometimes lets her emotions get the better of her.


  • Slayer 12

Ability Scores

  • STR: 14
  • DEX: 20+4
  • CON: 12+4
  • INT: 13
  • WIS: 11
  • CHA: 14


  • CMB: 14
  • CMD: 29
  • FFCMD: 24
  • HP: 110
  • AC: 20
  • FFAC: 15
  • TAC: 15


  • FORT: 11
  • REFL: 15
  • WILL: 5


  • Parents: Alton Baenreabban(Father), unknown deceased mother(N’enddra is likely illegitimate).


  • Religion: Shenzera
  • Employer: House Baenreabban
  • Current Country/Region/Town: Underdeep, Petrified Forest, Neth Caiden
  • Affiliated Parties: Heroes of Nirvalin

Friends and Foes

  1. Altair Teleos
    “This slave is utterly amusing.”
  2. Richard Farrough
    “Weird slave with a chain. I’m keeping my distance from this one… more than I usually do, anyway.”
  3. Fillinduil Blueleaf
    “Surface elf, reminds me of one of my dumb sword-wielding brothers.”
  4. Rossla Do’Veznar
    “Through Rossla, I’ve learned of surface drow. I’m afraid of what this will mean to my people. I have to trust that she will help me find what is corrupting my home.”
  5. Zorin, the Unpredictable
    “Another surface elf. Way too egotistical for my liking.”
  6. Eulis
    “There are only a few who strike fear in my heart so easily. His confidence in himself puts him at the top of that list.”

N'enddra Baenreabban

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