Pirate Captain and arch-nemesis of Locke


Recurring miniboss.


Beginnings in the South Sea Expedition

Originally the leader of a band of mercenaries, Salazar and his band were hired by the The Church of the All Mother and Great Father and sailed aboard the Swallow. Some time after the attack of the Maelstrom Hydra separated the Church convoy, Salazar led a mutiny to gain control of the ship. Having succeeded, he proceeded to use this ship to raid coastal settlements.

Revenge and Demise

Prior to having been slain by Locke in single combat, Salazar was the arch-nemesis of Locke. Salazar reappeared several times to battle the party. His bounty hunter henchwoman, Catalina, followed him around with the intention of killing or capturing Locke. Salazar was bent on revenge after Locke successfully led a mutiny aboard the Swallow and led half his men to their deaths at the caldera of a volcano in the Gnord Isles.


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