The Insatiable Efreeti


Zarevok is a denizen from a fiery realm, where the Efreeti is a powerful lord. However, one day he crossed over to this realm, appearing within the bowels of an active volcano in the Gnord Islands. He immediately dominated a local tribe of kobolds, appearing to them as some sort of infernal god. The kobolds gathered offering for Zarevok in the form of gems, coins, carnations, and captives from the local gnome populace.

The Party (Altair Teleos, Eulis, Locke, and Amaranth) soon put a stop to the kobold’s antics, but in doing so they enraged Zarevok. The Efreeti channeled his rage so that the volcano he had been residing in would start to erupt, but though enraged as he was, he did not smite the intrusive party right away. Zarevok was a lover of riddles, and was eager to test the party’s wits, as the kobolds were too dull to provided any sort of challenge for Zarevok in this regard. The Efreeti made a deal with the part that, if they answered his three riddles correctly, he would grant one wish.

Unfortunately for everyone, Eulis was the clear victor in this challenge, and instead of wishing for the salvation of the island, requested greedily for personal power. Zarevok granted this desire, and the results of which would have dire consequences for the party. As for Zarevok, he left the island to its doom while the party raced to escape and save as many gnomes as they could.

Later, the party (Altair, Locke, Fillinduil Blueleaf, Richard Farrough, and Rossla Do’Veznar) once again encountered Zarevok, as he had dominated Dust Town and was demanding sacrifices from them. Eager to once again challenge the party to a game of riddles, he made the same bargain as before, except there would be no escaping this time if the party failed. Fortunately, Altair answered the riddles like the best of them, and, under the urging of his friends, wished for Zarevok to return to the plane from whence he came, never to return.

Zarevok was banished to his fiery, native plane, but whether the party has seen the last of this powerful Genni is anyone’s guess.


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