Zorin, the Unpredictable


Zorin is a High Elf of 172 years. He has blond hair and reddish-amber eyes that glow random colors whenever he casts a spell. Although highly intelligent, his high charisma only seems to backfire on him since he is extremely self-centered and pretentious. His delusions of self-importance and superiority make him believe he is smarter than he really is. Zorin acts this way around everyone he meets, except for Aries Eldermane, who he has tutored for many years. He still claims her tea was the best he’d ever tasted.


  • Race: High Elf
  • Sex: Male
  • Age: 172
  • Height: 5’8"
  • Weight: 152 lbs.
  • Eyes: Reddish-Amber, glows random colors when casting spells.
  • Hair: Blonde
  • Skin: Gold
  • Defining Features: Zorin’s appearance is as extreme as his ego.
  • Preferred Clothing: Sophisticated sorcerer garb, anything that gives him an air of superiority.


  • Motivations: Increasing his magic power, curing himself of his Random Self-Relocation Disorder.
  • Fears: Running out of time before his RSRD kills him, or others, in some way.
  • Likes: Mathematical equations, philosophical debate, studying the nature of the planes, good tea.
  • Dislikes: Metaphysics, simpletons, body odor, being wrong, divine intervention, Locke Raventail bad tea.
  • Quirks: Often completely ignores peasants to the point of them practically being invisible to him.


  • Sorcerer(favored) 11

Ability Scores

  • STR 7
  • DEX 14
  • CON 10
  • INT 16+2
  • WIS 14+2
  • CHA 18+2


  • SPD 60
  • BAB 5
  • CMB 3
  • CMD 15
  • FFCMD 13
  • HP 62
  • AC 20
  • FFAC 18
  • TAC 12


  • FORT 4
  • REFL 6
  • WILL 11
    +2 vs Enchantment effects.
    +1 to all saves due to permanent Resistance.


  • Parents: Tasseldor is Zorin’s “father.”
    Zorin cannot regain access to his home, after the events of the Reckoning.
  • Country/Region/Town: Eldritch Forest conclave


  • Religion: Eldritch Forest conclave religious beliefs
    Zorin holds his family’s beliefs, and acknowledges the existence of other gods.
  • Employer: He is the Employer
  • Current Country/Region/Town: Nirvalin
  • Affiliated Parties: Heroes of Nirvalin

Friends and Foes

  1. Altair Teleos
    “Blubbering fool”
  2. Richard Farrough
    “Gets the job done, goblin or not.”
  3. Amaranth
    “…Water mage. Not impressed.”
  4. Fillinduil Blueleaf
    “Too quiet.”
  5. Rossla Do’Veznar
    “Uses entry-level magic.”
  6. Eulis
    “Ask me later.”
  7. Aries Eldermane
    “Ah, my best student. Now she wields a formidable form a magic.”
  8. Laftria
    “I have a certain… respect for nature mages. Too bad she turned me down, I’m too good for her anyway.”
  9. Locke Raventail
    “I can’t believe I’m lowering myself to putting my trust in him.”


Zorin is a Wild Mage, a spell caster that harnesses the raw power of magic by unleashing it in its purest, and least controllable form; sometimes with unexpected results.

Zorin is a high elf, but unlike most of the elves found east of the Jalanta river, Zorin was born and raised in the Elderich Forest, and lived by the old ways. That makes Zorin an Ancient Elf, a mysterious and well hidden society of powerful magic users known for being keepers of frightfully powerful spells and the oldest secrets. If Zorin’s magic is anything to go by, then the ancient elves are indeed mysterious and powerful.

Zorin was originally just a sorcerer with the blood of the Efreet in his veins. Much like the Efreet, Zorin fancies himself above other spellcasters, often openly proclaiming his superiority over his enemies and allies. Zorin is puzzled by his bloodline, since he grew up in extreme isolation from the rest of the civilized world.

While still living within his conclave of ancient elves, Zorin looked to unlock the full potential of his magical abilities. He found that by invoking arcane powers, instead of controlling them, he was able to produce greater effects than any other in his conclave. Unfortunately, by giving up that much control, his magic tends to “go wild” and produce additional, unpredictable, effects. That was the case when one of Zorin’s spells accidentally transformed the conclave’s spirit guide into a group of squirrels. That had not been the first time Zorin’s wild magic interfered with the livelihood of his brethren, but it was the last. Lord Tasseldor, the conclave’s leader, banished Zorin for his irresponsible use of magic.

As an outcast, Zorin wandered the country side, challenging all who met his gaze to battles. Zorin became proficient at counterspells, and continued to refine his wild magic capabilities. He prefers to challenge other high elves; contests with less magically inclined species is a mockery to his superiority. He was unmatched until he faced Lord Eldermane. The epic duel lasted hours, but in the end Zorin’s own wild magic cost him the duel, because he exploded in a fireball. Lord Eldermane was impressed by Zorin’s powers, and hired him to train his new born daughter, Aries. Zorin would also have access to much of Lord Eldermane’s magical resources at his estate, so Zorin stayed. In time, Zorin found that he and the Eldermanes had a lot in common, and developed a respectful magical rivalry with lord Eldermane. Additionally, Zorin saw potential in the young Aries, and believe her to become a powerful spell caster in the many decades to come.

The Reckoning

Zorin met the party when a portal to Giardur was accidentally opened on the Eldermane Estate’s front lawn. A Gargoyle grabbed Aries Eldermane and dragged her into its plane, with Locke Raventail jumping in to rescue her. Unfortunately, the portal closed behind him. Zorin vowed to rescue Aries, and joined the party. He aided them in their quest to end the incursion of Giardur, and learned the invaluable ability to teleport.


After defeating Vrill and stopping the Giardur incursion, Zorin was reunited with Aries. Having completed his mission, he teleported back to the Eldermane Estate. However, Zorin knew that Aries was forever changed, and that he would rather avoid the inevitable and awkward questioning. In addition, Aries had learned more than he could ever teach in a lifetime. Having missed Aries though, Zorin stayed at her house for a little while longer and was treated to his favorite tea once again. The two sat at the kitchen table sipping their tea, when Zorin asked her to fetch him his notebook.

Aries returned to the kitchen, but there was only an empty cup and a scribbled note that said, “It’s time for me to go now, Aries.”

Some talk of a travelling gold-skinned elf who stays at the local inn for a few days and disappears, sometimes not even checking out. Others speak of a wandering magician, who vanishes completely at random, sometimes mid-sentence. Whatever the story, Zorin is alive and well somewhere in the world. Perhaps some day the party will meet him again.

Zorin, the Unpredictable

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