Winged Blade

A throwing sword that returns to its owner

weapon (melee)
  • +2 Short Sword
  • Range(throwing) 30ft
  • Type Slashing
  • Damage 1d6+2
  • Critical 19-20×2
  • Can be thrown like any other weapon, but instead of using miscellaneous rules for throwing one’s weapon, it becomes a ranged melee attack.
  • Use swift action to return to owner with command word.

It is especially useful for Locke, Action Rogue Extraordinaire, because it allows him to make ranged sneak attacks and be able to defend himself at melee range if need be, which means he rarely has to switch weapons mid-combat.


Found in the Temple of Time, Locke claimed this weapon as his own, apparently binding it to him. It responds to his command and returns to his hand at will. It is an enchanted short sword, with wing-shaped crossguard bars. The weapon is optimized for aerodynamics, allowing it to fly in a straight line with little effort on the part of the owner.

Winged Blade

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