Tag: Arcades


  • Trafire Dragonsfang

    Trafire Dragonsfang is the elven Dean of Evocation, and commander of Arcades' battle mages. She has had the most interaction with the heroes of all the deans, and not all of it pleasant.

  • Xavril Loreweaver

    Xavril Loreweaver, the Dean of Transmutation, had had all her office furniture sprung to life as a prank, and it was up to the heroes to collect them all. She was Amaranth's teacher while she was still at Arcades.

  • Martin Woolbird

    Martin Woolbird, the Castidan Dean of Illusion, owns a shop in Arcades that is tended by his Raven familiar, who he speaks through. He calls himself the Prince of Phantasms, but keeps quite where the name comes from.

  • Gilligan

    Gilligan is an Ooze Mephit, a slimy creature native to watery realms. At times Gilligan is a lazy, glutinous, and slothful creature who sleeps the day away after consuming more food than one would think possible considering his small stature. He also …