Taking its name from nowhere in particular, Brandonbad is one of the oldest kingdoms in Nirvalin. Resting between Lake Nar, the forest Taliz, and the eastern sea, it is in these woods and fjords that the first civilization of man arose. With their simple tools and weapons, they carved out a city of their own, named Risbane. Bran’s folk, or the Brans as they were called, prospered behind their wooden palisades, creating their own language, alphabet, arts, and religion. They were not cultured by today’s standards, but any look keener than a passing glance would reveal that they were anything but complete barbarians.

Their era of prosperity came to a crashing end, for as they spent uncounted years secluded in their woods, Arundel evolved. The Damascians were on the warpath, and by the time they reached Brandonbad, their military might was unmatched. The defenders put up a valiant fight, worthy of recognition in songs and poems, but Arundel’s siege machines wrecked Risbane, and the Brans were forced into submission.

However, the men of Brandonbad never stopped their resistance; Brans are the hardiest and most stubborn of all men. It was soon after Brandonbad’s conquering that rumors regarding the Bran’s proficiency in killing emerged; it was said that a Bran was born with an ax in one hand and a sling in the other. They became the monsters mothers scared their children with.

After decades of guerrilla resistance, the First Empire could no longer afford to hold the country. The garrison in Brandonbad diminished as soldiers deserted or surrendered rather than try to hold the fortresses, and Arundel stopped sending reinforcements so far from home. Technically, Brandonbad is still under the sovereignty of Damascia, but they have no military presents there, and no tax has been collected in generations.

Brandonbad had another chapter in history, for after their release from Arundel, they did not stop fighting. Years of resistance against Arundel had bred a disposition for violence in them, and had become restless. Also, the Brans had become dependent on the goods and supplies from the west, Risbane grown too large to be self-sustained, so they were left in an ill state. They had no aspirations for conquest, but the Brans went south, into the country of Narshé. There they raided farms and villages, always on the move, but were eventually chased off by the forces of Anon.


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