The Elves are the favored creations of the Spirits, being most similar to them in appearance and capacity for wisdom, love, and art. Their ancestors were taught personally from the spirits, the very embodiments of magic and the elements, so it’s no wonder that elves are the most talented wizards and sorcerers among mortals. Indeed Elves are mortal, though their lifespans can reach far beyond that of even the other long-lived races, some living to even a millennium or more.

Dark Elves

The legacy of the Dark Elves is one of valor and betrayal, but has lead many societies to shun them. During the Elder Days in ages past, when the world was dark and full of wicked things, a group of like-minded elf houses sought to rid the world of the darkness that had plagued them for centuries. Most other houses believed the task impossible, but these crusading elves ventured into the deep and secret places of the world, into the very heart of darkness. For many hundreds of years, these elves combated and drove off the Demons and corrupted creatures. Meanwhile, the elves that remained on the surface reaped the benefits, becoming masters of their dominion, for their homes had became peaceful while the crusaders kept enemies at bay.

When their foe was defeated, the champions returned to their old homes, a now splendid realm. However, the centuries spent fighting in the darkness had augmented their skin and changed their outlook; their skin had turned black as pitch, and they no longer had the same love for natural things as they once did. They, too, had learned forbidden magic, the kind that only brings about death, destruction, and desecration, and for this reason more than anything else they were exiled. The Dark Elves begrudgingly returned to whence they came, underground where they built cities in the likeness of the splendid ones on the surface, and never rejoining their brothers and sisters.
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