There are three types of fighting groups in the world, and I’ve constructed a Punnett Square to represent my idea:

Punet square fighters

Knightly Orders are groups dedicated to an ideal. They support causes and fight battles that are in line with the group’s goals. Knights serve no lords directly, and are not paid for their deeds, so in this way they are the freest of fighting organizations. These Orders support themselves. however, by accepting donations from the masses, have wealthy benefactors who support them, or are made up of individually wealthy members.

Knightly Orders

Knights of Lion’s Shield

The Knights of Lion’s Shield is an order of paladins headquartered at their enclave in North Vanguard. On the far edge of civilized Nirvalin, the Knights of Lion’s Shield are the only protectors of the innocent in an otherwise lawless land. The knights are not well known, as the order make sure to recruit only those with true conviction for what is noble and good, and their are few who hear the paladin’s call. The Order has fallen in recent years, as much of the senior knights were slain in an attack by Gaul Do’Veznar. However, their former pupal Rossla Do’Veznar has returned to them to restore the order.

Knights of Alabaster

The Knights of Alabaster are the famed Griffin Riders that soar above the coastal shores of Romeris. Though they are an independent order of valorous knights, they often work with and are funded by the Kingdom of Romeris, and thus make up what is essentially a national air brigade. Their skill at riding and coordinating as a team is unmatched by any in the realm. They are often the subject of children’s fantasy tales, and many misty eyed adventurers attempt to join their ranks with dreams of flight. However, what these would-be aviators forget is the discipline and training required to become a Knight of Alabaster, and thus more than 2/3 of trainees drop out before their second year.

Magnolia Knights

The valiant and courageous Magnolia Knights are famed across the North for their chivalry. Quartered at the castle town of Galladel, spectators from all around travel there to watch them compete during the summer fairs. They are swordsmen and archers, but are best known for their jousting abilities, as well as their extravagance. The Magnolia knights tend to use verbose speech, wear vibrant colors, and sport excessive plumage on both their armor and horses. Though the Magnolia knights may appear to be a parody of the knightly ideal, these lavished lords bring enjoyment, laughter, and good in the typically cynical Northern Kingdoms.

Templar Knights

The Templar Knights are the sword of the church, dedicated to the preservation of the organization and its ideals. The Templar Knights are the newest addition to the church’s infrastructure, formed when the Patriarchy moved to the Glorious city of Anon as a means for the church to act independently in matters of warfare after the fall of the First Empire. Their first test was an incursion from the Brans of Brandonbad, who, facing economic and social collapse, had begun sacking villages and hamlets in Narshѐ. Stonekirk was under siege before the Templar Knights arrived and soundly defeated the barbarians. The Templar Knights would be called into action again against the Orcs of Kairahg. Anon itself suffered a month-long siege, where the Templars organized the city’s defense, and found victory once again.


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