Noble Houses


Sigil: Clawed chalice
Colors: Crimson/Blue
Leader: Priam, Emperor to the domain of Men, King of Arundel, Duke of Heartland, Galladel, and Berenike, and Protector of ____
Overview: House Edmorous is the largest of the noble houses, and thus holds the most land, titles, and wealth. Their wealth buys them much luxury and convenience, including the best castles, soldiers, and assassins in the north. As the de jure Emperor over all Men of Nirvillin, they suffer from a profound sense of arrogance. However, the Northern Kingdoms lack the unity for the title of emperor to mean much in lands abroad, so it is largely an empty title.


Sigil: Bear’s claw
Colors: Gold/Black
Leader: Duke Noland of Cladborough, Count of Maidenwald, Baron of Crown Hall, Lord of the Pyrite Spire.
Overview: Second only to House Edmorous in wealth, House Einard is the most prestigious family in the north. They can trace their lineage further back than most other great houses, and includes the construction of the Strong Wall, before the founding of the Empire. On a related idea, the Einards are infamous for their independence and defiance of the crown, and have more than matched the empire’s armies in wars past.


Sigil: Raven perched atop a ring
Colors: Green/Black
Leader: Duchess of Mistmoor, Spymaster to the Emperor, Guild Master to The Jeweled Ring
Overview: A family of humble beginnings but ambitious goals, House Nete has managed to earn its way into becoming one of the more influential noble houses. While other houses make war with each other over land and titles, the Netes wait patiently for opportunity or underhandedly sow chaos to capitalize on. Their vast spy network is known throughout the north, as House Nete always seems to be one, two, or three steps ahead of everyone else.


Sigil: Three maneless lions
Colors: Crimson/Cream
Leader: Duke of Eastweith, Warden of Largent and of Flintwater, and Baron of Tornbridge
Overview: The Vestel Family, has long served the kingdom by keeping the Barbarians of Brandonbad in check. Conversely, they were held accountable for Brandonbad’s successful rebellion and their independence from the crown. House Vestel has ever since been working towards repairing their marred reputation, mostly through the conquest of their rival’s holdings, House Ghis.


Sigil: Mountain unicorn
Colors: Cyan/Silver
Leader: Count of Wolfshire, Baron of Frost Harold
Overview: House Ghis, the Unicorn, has seen better days. Once they had all of Eastweith at their finger tips, and nobody questioned their might. However, that was until house Vestel, their chief rival, conspired with House Edmorous and had the Unicorn declared traitors to the realm. After a brief war, House Ghis lost most of their titles, and retreated to Frost Harold Keep to lick their wounds.


Sigil: Rider with flaming lance
Colors: Orange/Green
Leader: Countess Adelinda of Dein Lumnaar
Overview: The noble house of Benargen are famed for their refinement and decadence, but more so for their home, the ancient castle Dein Lumnaar. They have resided in the famed citadel for as long as there has been an empire, and have been able to kept the coveted Dragon Seat by knowing the right friends. One should know better to think that house Benargen would pick the losing side.


Sigil: Prancing stag
Colors: White/Violet
Leader: Count of Gardenloo, Warden of The Crest, Guild Master to the


Sigil: Rider with sword and shield
Colors: Bronze/Blue
Members: Countess Rossla Do’Veznar of Craithweith, Baroness of Rosethorn Keep, and Gaul Do’Veznar of Craithweith
Overview: The house of Do’Veznar is often viewed as outsiders by the northern highborn for being an Elf house, more ancient than all the other Noble Houses of Arundel combined. The Dark Elves came to rule this corner of the north when house Resby married into house Do’Veznar and produced half-elf heirs. These heirs took the Do’Veznar name from their mother, as is elf custom, and ruled in the name of the emperor and ruled justly. The other Noble Houses make no apology for their prejudice, but fortunately for them house Do’Veznar have no interest in the games the northern lords play.


Sigil: Sword cross scepter
Colors: Violet/Gold
Leader: Defunct

Noble Houses

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