Main Quests

  • The Reckoning: Alert the powers of the world to the impending invasion and convince them to marshal their armies for the upcoming battle against the chaotic plane of Giardur, Kingdom of Dungeons.
    • Retrain the Knights of Lion’s Shield
    • Unite the Free Peoples of the Marches under your cause
    • Recruit the Swashbucklers of the Sunset Coast
    • Alert the Halflings of Davoi to the otherworldly invasion.
    • Rescue Locke and the young Aries Eldermane from Giardur.
    • Make Romeris ready for the world’s defense.
  • Romeris Five-O: We are detectives in the cases of…
    • Discover who murdered May.
    • Find and kill the vampire lord Matthias to release Princess Elizabeth from her vampiric curse.
    • Solve the murder of the Ambassadors/Negotiators and apprehend the perpetrators.

Personal Side-Quests

  • Richard:
    • Help Richard escape his undead curse, or let him succumb to his new powers.
    • Find out who is trying to have Richard assassinated.
  • Altair:
    • Find Altair’s mother.
  • Locke:
    • Discover the location of Locke’s gold mine money.
    • Build a new kingdom.


  • Stolen Silver: Find the stolen armor from the temple near Arcades.
    • Remove the curse from the armor.
    • Obtain the armor from Arcades and return it to the temple.
  • Pokedex: Report findings of creatures fought in battle and encountered while adventuring to the Society for Gnomish Research.
    • List reported creatures in the Bestiary, and where they were discovered.
  • It is Inevitable: A mysterious stranger was looking for someone.
    • Find out about a “copper elf” that the stranger on the road was seeking.
  • Castle in the Sky: Find the Sky Castles of myth.
    • Help Icarus in his attempt to discover the legendary Sky Castle(s).
  • The Old Man and the Sea: Super Boss
    • Return to the docks in Calenhad once you’ve gained more power to fight the Thalassic Behemoth.
  • Investigate Necromancers in Arcades: Practicing necromancy is banned but not abandoned in the City of Mages. Look into it.


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