The town is settled in the foothills south of Mistmoor. The settlement is isolated and has poor soil, which has kept Wybury somewhat obscure in the minds of the rest of the north. The citizenry do not consider themselves northerners or particularly relevant to those outside of Craithweith. The small town, with a population hovering around a mere 600, is best known for its proximity to Rosethorn Keep, which sits atop the hill opposite Wybury.

The town is well equipped with a variety of goods and services, including a tanner, blacksmith, stables, clothier, food market, and a fletcher. There’s also an inn that acts as the local pub. Wybury is home to both a church to the All Mother and Great Father, as well as a temple to Rochendil, which have had their fair share of butting heads in the past.


N Small Town
Corruption 0; Crime -1; Economy 0; Law +1; Lore +1; Society +1
Qualities Diverse Populace, Insular
Danger 0
Government Autocracy
Population 600 (400 Humans, 200 Dark Elves)
Notable NPCs
Countess Rossla Do’Veznar (LG female dark elf paladin 8, aristocrat 1)
Captain of the Watch Thorold (LG male human fighter 7)
Father Olean (G male human cleric 6)
Priestess of Rochendil Laftria (G female dark elf cleric 6)
Steward of Rosethorn Keep Carthil (N male dark elf aristocrat 6)
Base Value 1000 gp; Purchase Limit 5,000 gp; Spellcasting 4th
Minor Items 3d4; Medium Items 1d6

  • I made up Diverse Populace; it represents the blending of two or more cultures, be it racial or regional, into a mixing pot of ideas and traditions (Lore and Society +1)


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