Altair Teleos

Chaos Monk/ Psionic Fist


Ok, so, a few preliminary words. Altair, in a mechanical sense, is a monstrosity. He is an alternate base class of a 3.5 monk, “Chaos Monk”, which has it’s own abilities, most of which are, luckily, easily analogous to the base class’ abilities. On top of that, he has prestiged into “Psionic Fist”, whose levels stack with some monk abilities, but not others. The real problems begin with going from here to a Pathfinder system. In a RAW sense, his levels in Psionic Fist are no longer possible, being as though concentration is no longer a skill, 9 ranks in which are required for taking the class. Similar problems present themselves in other areas of this change, owing to the fact that a Pathfinder monk has more and differing abilities than a 3.5 monk would, throwing into question whether PF levels should stack with them or not.

I will be attempting to make Altair Teleos, Psionic Chaos Monk, as coherent and balanced a creature as I can, in as transparent a fashion. For this, I may have to reinterpret or at times even contradict what some portion of his source material says about him. In this regard, I will follow the following rules:

1. At the end of this journey, he will be a thoroughly “Pathfinder” character.
2. The simpler explanation is to be preferred.

For reference, (chaos monk source, pg 59) (psionic fist source) (and of course, the pathfinder monk)

Altair Teleos
Level 7 Chaos Monk, Level 2 Psionic Fist

STR 16
DEX 14
CON 13
INT 14
WIS 16

HP 74
Move Speed 60 [30 + 10 per 3 monk levels]
AC 20 [10 + 3 (wis) + 2 (dex) + 2 (monk bonus) + 3 (equip)]
Touch AC 19 [10 + 3 (wis) + 2 (dex) + 2 (monk bonus) + 2 (force effect bracers, deflection bonus ring)]
Flat-Footed AC 18 [10 + 3 (wis) + 2 (monk bonus) + 3 (equip)]
CMD 23 [10 + 8 (monk level + 1 PF BAB) +5 (str, dex)]

Fortitude 6 [ + 5 Monk, + 0 PF, + 1 Ability]
Reflex 10 [ + 5 Monk, + 3 PF, + 2 Ability]
Will 13 [ + 5 Monk, + 3 PF, + 3 Ability, + 2 Feat]

Ki Points 7
Power Points 8

Improved Unarmed Strike
Improved Initiative
Stunning Fist (Stun, Fatigue)
Weapon Focus: Unarmed Strike
Toughness (1)
Wild Talent
Vital Strike
Iron Will

(Note: Altair’s feats are a mess. Under the Pathfinder system, I SHOULD have 3 of the following, as bonus feats from levels 1, 2 and 6: Catch Off-Guard, Combat Reflexes, Deflect Arrows, Dodge, Improved Grapple, Scorpion Style, and Throw Anything. The 3.5 system has similar automatic bonus feats at these levels, but with vastly fewer options. Altair had none from either system. HE had Toughness, Endurance, and Diehard. These were chosen from an “alternate progression” system (whose reason for being tacked onto 3.5 was probably to introduce some choice in the matter, as Pathfinder does) found somewhere on the internet at the time these levels were reached. Although it was stated that Altair would be a “thoroughly Pathfinder character”, I find it in the greater interest of both continuity and character’s greater theme to preserve these 3 bonus feat selections. ‘Diehard’ was the theme here at the time they were selected, and I’d say the 3 fit one another and the character more than some of the Pathfinder options would. Since it’s a purely a matter of which feats, rather than more or less, this doesn’t sit too poorly with me. However, a much more qualitative change in Pathfinder is that Stunning Fist is just a monk thing. No longer an optional part of this 1,2,6 feat trio, a monk just does it. So, I guess, now Altair can too.)


Evasion (no damage on succesful reflex save)
Still Mind ( + 2 on saves against enchantment spells and effects)
Maneuver Training (use monk levels in CMD rather than BAB from monk levels)
Slow Fall (30’)
Ki Pool (pool of points used to do cool things)
Ki Strike (a series of passive unarmed attack bonuses that require at least 1 ki point in ki pool)
High Jump (add monk lvl on all acrobatics made to jump, always counts as running start)
Displacing Stance, 20% (to be determined)
Flailing Strike ( + 1d4 extra attacks at monklvlAB plus other BAB on full round attack, – 1 penalty on each attack)
Erratic Advance (dazes target of a charge for one round, WillNeg DC 10 + monklvl)
Stunning Fist (monklvl times per day, one attempt per round, turns any unarmed strike into a stun/fatigue attempt, FortNeg DC 1/2characterlvl + wismod)
Vital Strike (standard attack action, may add an additional 1d10 to unarmed strike damage)

Psionic Abilities
Inertial Armor: + 4 armor bonus to AC for 1 hour/lvl, augmentable at + 2 X / + X AC
Offensive Precognition: + 1 attack bonus for 1 min/lvl, augmentable at + 3 X / + X bonus

Ki Pool Abilities
1 – + 4 AC for the round (swift)
1 – + 20 movement for the round (swift)
1 – + 1 bonus attack on full-round attacks (swift)
1 – + 20 to acrobatics check to jump (swift)
? – ??? Displacing Stance! To be determined

Further Notes

Displacing Stance’s analog ability in 3.5 was Wholeness of Body, a self-heal. In the transition from 3.5 to Pathfinder, this ability was given a rework as a Ki Pool ability. I believe the same thing should be done with Displacing Stance, but do not want to take any undue liberties in this regard, or just straight up nerf it. A future effort, perhaps.

Psionic Fist levels fully stack with Monk levels for purposes of determined movement speed, armor bonus to AC, and unarmed damage. They half-stack with Monk levels for purposes of determining Ki Pool totals.

Current Items and Equipment


Vajra, + 2 Crystal Nunchaku
Bracers of Armor + 1
Gloves of Expertise (automatic take-10 on certain skill checks made with hands)
Orange Pants
Boots of Bounding (+ 1 on acrobatics checks made to jump)
Ring of Protection + 1
Bear Amulet of Natural Armor + 1

Items on Person

Small Waist Satchel, containing:
Spider Box
Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War”
Old finger bones of a dearly departed friend

Current Gold

Various Reference Numbers

Unarmed Strike, normal: + 10 TAB, 1d10 + 3
Unarmed Strike, vital strike: + 10 TAB, 2d10 + 3
Unarmed Strike, flailing: + 11 TAB, 1d10 + 3

Vajra, normal: + 11 TAB, 1d6 + 5
Vajra, flailing: + 12 TAB, 1d6 + 5


Altair is a 23 year old human male, owing his origins to the exotic and mostly uncharted lands of the far west.

Altair’s mother had vanished from his life when he was five, which is when his father abruptly relocated them to a remote private estate some distance from his previous home.

He was raised until the age of 16 by his father, Diogenes, who strove to keep them both isolated from the nearby village, severely limiting Altair’s socialization with other human beings. Concurrently, he was subjected to his father’s rigorous program of physical and mental training, an inheritance of an elaborate martial art.

His free spirit, molded by his fond memories of his mother, coupled with his intense dislike of his father’s seemingly irrational demands over his life, made him a bitter man at the outset of his life journey.

On Diogenes’ deathbed, he revealed to his son why he had made the decision to isolate them from the world. He had been part of an esoteric order of open-hand fighters who possessed dangerous and deadly secret techniques. Having commited himself to their order, and learning many of their secrets, he made the mistake of falling in love. Diogenes had fled his order to live a “normal life” with Altair’s mother, Voltairine, who was a gardener and druid. When, only a few years later, Voltairine went missing from the village (when Altair was five), Diogenes was informed that it was the order who was responsible for her kidnapping. He was instructed to surrender himself and his son.

Knowing that mercy was not on his old associates’ agenda, he instead fled deeper into the heart of the wild country; so that he would not be killed, and his son not either killed or raised by the order. He lived out the rest of his life with his son in hiding, never knowing or allowing question of Voltairine’s fate.

Upon learning this, Altair’s lifelong suspicion was confirmed for him. His mother was alive! He knew it had to be true, he FELT it. After burying his father, he donated their estate, and left on a journey to make meaningful relationships in life, and most of all, to find his long-lost mother.

By the time of his father’s death, Altair had absorbed ultimately very little respect for and even less understanding of regiment or common law. Despite his well-maintained physical capabilities and flexibility, most of the self-defense techniques his father attempted to impart to him fell on deaf ears. As a result, the fighting style he has composed over the intervening years is erratic and innovative, drawing it’s spirit from the repressed frustration of its user’s mind.

Six years later, his journey had brought his as far as Glitterdale, and finally the port at Anon.
This is where Altair’s story was to truly begin, as part of the story of the cast of heroes whose actions would shape the destiny of the realm.


1. Bitten in half by a Maelstrom Hydra on the high seas. Medically dead for several minutes prior to rescue.

2. Tortured and bleed out to the edge of death for near to a full day in the underwater prisons of the Sihuigans.

3. Mortally wounded by a red pit fighter in the public combat Colosseum of Rycia, in an attempt to win Philinduil’s freedom from slavers. Maintained consciousness beyond the norm.

4. Brutalized to a mortally wounded state by the chaotic evil Gigas that had broken free in the Arcadies laboratory. Became delusional in a struggle to stay conscious and shambled away momentarily, before returning to the battle.

After the first and second of these experiences, Altair has discovered access to another part of his mind, which is capable of manifesting empathic and force energy in or around his senses or whole body.

He does not quite know what to make of these powers, and is slightly amused that neither do the grand Mages of Arcadies.

Altair Teleos

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