Locke Raventail

Action Rogue Extraordinaire


Locke is one of the original party members from the beginning. Before jumping through the portal to Giardur, he held the title of longest-running consecutive party member. His long-term goal is to acquire the funds/influence to build his own city and live how he desires.


  • Race: Human
  • Sex: Male
  • Age: 36(middle-aged, -1 to physical/+1 to mental)
  • Height: 5’5"
  • Weight: 165 lbs.
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Hair: Black, short ponytail
  • Skin: Light
  • Defining Features: Keeps up a stately, successful look in his attire and mannerisms.
  • Preferred Clothing: Fancy Victorian-era outfits.


  • Motivations: Money, though less so now than before. Friends. Duty.
  • Fears: Being poor, being bested at thievery, seeing his parents.
  • Likes: Exotic women, shiny valuables, being fancy, and exotic women.
  • Dislikes: Getting older, sleeping alone, clowns, children.
  • Quirks: Sleeps with his shoes on.


  • Rogue(Burglar) 10
  • Aristocrat 2

Ability Scores

  • STR: 11
  • DEX: 18
  • CON: 13
  • INT: 14
  • WIS: 11
  • CHA: 12


  • CMB: 8
  • CMD: 22
  • FFCMD: 18
  • HP: 68
  • AC: 22
  • FFAC: 18
  • TAC: 14


  • FORT: 6
  • REFL: 13
  • WILL: 8



  • Religion: None
    Locke believes gods are more trouble than they’re worth.
  • Employer: The people of Vanguard
  • Current Country/Region/Town: Freed Countries, Greenlands, Vangaurd
  • Affiliated Parties: Mages of Arcades, Rycia Crime Network

Friends and Foes

  1. Altair Teleos
    “Voice of reason.”
  2. Richard Farrough
    “Troubled but powerful ally. Do not cross.”
  3. Amaranth
    “Nice to look at, but don’t forget she’s a fish.”
  4. Fillinduil Blueleaf
    “Busted him out of slavery once. Nice guy.”
  5. Rossla Do’Veznar
    “I owe a lot to this woman and her hippogriff.”
  6. Catalina
    “I hope to get to see her again some day.”
  7. Lady of Shadows
    “Hope she forgets about me. Makes me feel uneasy.”
  8. Salazar
    “Bastard stole my money. Got what he had coming to him.”
  9. Eulis
    “Glad I helped stop his plan.”


Locke was born to a poor farming family of nine. Annoyed by his father’s simplistic aspirations of his children becoming great farmers, Locke ran away when he was only a boy. He quickly became a scoundrel and a skilled cutpurse. He lived as a vagabond and enjoyed the sense of freedom it gave him. As the years went by with Locke growing up on the streets of Pettleburg, he got better at taking care of himself and thought less of returning to his parents.

When Locke was 17, he had his eyes set on a girl that belonged to a poor family. She was pretty, but a year or two older than him. Afraid that her father would not approve, Locke kept the idea of courting her to his fantasies and tried to forget about her, until the day she approached him by the riverside. Locke was reluctant at first, but she insisted. She told him everything would be alright, that she’d convince her father to accept him.
Unfortunately, it was not to be. The next day, Locke returned to the riverside where she told him she would be. Locke only found a lifeless corpse with a knife in her back. The reality of the situation crashed down upon him as he looked at his dead girlfriend. No more running away. He would find her killer.

Locke retreated to the sewer system and the darkness of night, where only evil-doers and outcasts dared to walk. He knew the authorities would be looking for him. He got in contact with the crime networks of Pettleburg and the surrounding towns of the Freed Countries, passing coin or giving a black eye to whoever he needed to talk to to uncover the mystery. Eventually, someone spilled the details and pointed him to the home of a rich man. After casing the joint, he followed the man after he left his house to walk along the street at night. He seemed very well-dressed, with the gold chain of a pocket watch dangling from his coat pocket. Locke practically almost robbed the man, when he realized it was his oldest brother, Marcus. Locke quickly hid his dagger and played it cool, letting Marcus walk ahead before greeting him from a few yards behind. Marcus turned and was delighted to see his younger brother.

Locke and Marcus walked for a while, discussing everything Locke missed since he ran away. Marcus told him that father sold the farm and moved east, and that Marcus received most of the money to help build his new business. Locke tried his best to divert the discussion away from their parents and their past lives, and Marcus went out of his way to boast about his successful business ventures. As they talked, Locke began to realize that his brother wasn’t very trustworthy, and it dawned on him that his brother may have either killed his girlfriend, or hired someone to do it. The information he got about Marcus was pretty accurate from what he could tell about Marcus in conversation: a stuck up man who cared about nothing but wealth and power. A jealous, vengeful man who enjoyed defeating his business rivals.

Eventually Marcus was doing all the talking and boasting, never letting Locke get a word in. Locke stopped and stared at the ground. His face was tense and he felt his heart throb in his chest. He asked Marcus why he killed her, but Marcus kept talking. He asked again, and this time Marcus heard him. “Because she was to be mine!” he said. Having heard what he needed to hear, Locke quickly drew his weapon and plunged the blade into his brother’s chest. Never before had he drawn blood. To him, weapons were for show and utility, nothing more. Now he knew what it felt like to kill. “See you in hell, brother,” Locke said to him. He took his lifeless brother and dumped him in an alley. He almost forgot the golden watch.

Knowing he had to get out of town as quickly as possible, he ran to Marcus’ home. He took whatever valuables and food he could find and stuffed a pillowcase. Before he left, he noticed a crooked painting on the wall, and discovered a safe behind it. Inside were two gold bars. Stuffing the bars into his loot bag, he then went to the stables, took the hardiest looking horse, and rode west. He never looked back.

As a party member

Locke is very solitary, at least in his thoughts, and kind of self-centered. He won’t immediately tell important information unless doing so is potentially beneficial to him in some way. He likes to keep to himself, mostly because he wants to keep an eye on his gold. However, having spent quite a bit of time in the party, he has opened up slightly.
Locke still doesn’t completely trust his party members, but he has made friends with Altair Teleos, and considers him a voice of reason in the party. Locke often consults Altair for advice; sometimes siding with him when he has a differing opinion than the rest of the party.
Originally, Locke was not interested in furthering the party’s goals unless he got some significant payoff. He would use his comrades to benefit himself. “Selfish” would be the word to describe him, until the events that transpired during the battle with Eulis at the Knot of Time.
Locke’s original goal was to acquire the funds needed to construct a castle for a new thieves guild/brothel/inn where he could live with many concubines and piles of gold and jewels.
Locke had a slight change of heart after striking the Knot of Time with his sword. Upon returning to Nirvalin, Locke, with the aid of Rossla Do’Veznar, became the Lord of the city of Vanguard.

Locke Raventail

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