Richard Farrough

Fighter/Martyr of the Deep (Undead)



  • tall
  • muscular build
  • short, brown hair
  • brown eyes
  • Tan skin, getting paler
  • Fights with a spiked chain
  • Slight evil aura aboout him


  • Blue Buckler on left arm
  • Intimidating gloves
  • Brown shirt
  • Brown pants
  • Solid color, grey tabard
  • Chainmail Armor
  • Adamantine Bracers
  • Very well crafted boots
  • One ornate ring on his left hand
  • One less ornate ring on his right hand


  • Judgement: Black spiked chain, made up of two 5 foot long and two 2.5 foot long segments connected by non spiked rings.
  • Antlion Mandible Ax: A length of wood with an Antlion Mandible attached to the end.
  • Silver Falchion
  • Hunter: Composite Longbow

Currently in possession of:

  • Assandsin’s note

Personal History

Richard Farrough grew up on his family farm just outside the town of Flintwater. His family farmed wheat. A rebellion disrupted his rather quiet life. Richard was conscripted in. The rebellion was backed by the Eastwaith Batallion. Richard was assigned, along with his battle group, to patrol the Flintwater creek. Nothing much happened. The rebellion was quelled and Richard went home.

He has since left his home again.

He made his way to Anon to Head south to Rycia with a group of Missionaries. His ship was wrecked and he died underwater. He was resurrected by an incredible miracle in Rycia. He then travelled across the desert to save the world with some companions. Along the way he discovered that resurrection had not left him fully alive. A dark power seemed to haunt his soul. After saving the world, Richard went to Arcades to learn of his accursed affliction. He discovered an affliction of Martyr of the Deep, which happens sometimes to sailors who died at sea. Now knowing his affliction, Richard hoped he could start the search for a cure. But alas, he was called upon again to witness world ending events. Sent on a new quest to warn the world of impending doom, his life, and full restoration of spirit, are on hold.


First Entry:

I have never before had cause to write about my life or my thoughts. A war between realms is coming. A great battle will ensue and many will likely die. I have died once before and I fear before all is through, I will likely be among the dead again. My family has been in my thoughts. I want them to know what has happened to me. And to any who find this journal after I am dead, please return it to them.

I feel to write about what has happened since I left home would be a waste of time, especially now. Should I survive this venture, perhaps I will retire back home and spend the rest of my life writing the tale. But for now I will write of only what is happening. However, there are things from that time require explanation. First, During that time I met several of my current companions. I met Locke, Altair, and Amaranth. It was also during this time that I died. I was ressurrected by clerics of the Church of the All Mother and Great Father.

The current situation begins with Arcades, the City of Mages. The Council of Mages has determined that the barriers between realms are collapsing. This is the war of which I wrote earlier. We have already fought creatures of evil chaos that have invaded our realm. My companions and I have been tasked with alerting the people of the land to this possible invasion from another realm. Our quest has led us to Craithweith, Glitterdale and Iversten thus far.

This impending war is not my only concern. Death has not completely released its hold on me. I feel like I am slowly returning to its depths. It is hard to describe the feeling.

Richard Farrough

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