Tag: Craithwieth


  • Rossla Do'Veznar

    h4. From Runaway to Refugee Rossla is a Dark Elf, possessing the stereotypical black skin and white, shoulder length hair of her race. She was not born an Adventurer; before becoming a Paladin, she was little different from the average elf. She is a …

  • Abeth

    Walteph Resby sired his first child, Willem Resby II, with Abeth, but she died in child birth. The resentment Walteph bared toward Willem II for his wife's death would contribute to Willem's fall to evil.

  • Efrin Nete

    Walteph Resby's second wife who he sired Robern Resby, his second child, with. She weaseled Willem Resby II, her step-son, out of his inheritance and forced him into exile. He would have his vengence.

  • Leland Resby IV

    When rebellion threatened to tear Craithwieth apart, Leland Resby IV took drastic measures to prevent it. He married Mírel Do'Veznar, and thus began the line of Dark [[Elf]] rulers in Craithwieth.

  • Gaul Do'Veznar

    *Arcane Pool*: Can expend 1 point from arcane pool as swift action to grant any held weapon a +1 enhancement bonus for 1 minute. For every four levels beyond 1st, the weapon gains another +1 enhancement bonus, to a max of +5 at 17th level. These bonuses …

  • Olean

    Olean, the local Priest of the [[The Church of the All Mother and Great Father (CAMGF) | All Mother and Great Father]], is a community leader in [[Wybury]]. He and [[:laftria]] of the Temple to [[List of Major Spirits | Rochendil]] have butted heads many …

  • Laftria

    The priestess Laftria tends the [[Wybury]] temple garden. She and [[:olean]] of the [[The Church of the All Mother and Great Father (CAMGF) | CAMGF]] have butted heads many times in the past.

  • Margeret

    Margaret is a clothier in Wybury. She knew Gertrude the Tanner's wife, even feigned friendship, but secretly was intensely jealous of her.

  • Cormach

    They thought he was a harmless cripple (albeit an unsavory one), but in actuality was a bloodthirsty werebat who murdered three people!

  • Carthil

    Carthil has served the Do'Veznar house for centuries. Now he dose the day-to-day management of [[Craithwieth]].

  • Sarah

    Sarah tends to the lords, ladies, and guests to Rosethorn Keep. During the adventurer's stay, she was attacked by the werebat that had been stalking [[Wybury]], but [[:rossla-do-veznar]] chased it off before Sarah came to harm.

  • Gertrude

    Gertrude disappeared one night while picking blueberries. A month later, the adventurers discovered that she had been taken by the madness of Lycanthropy, and managed to infect [[:olean]] before she was slain.

  • Felix

    Felix was the husband of Gertrude. He suspected that Margret the clothier had the hots for him, but Gertrude's and Felix's disappearance put an end to the love triangle.