Elf Guardian Spirits

The Spirits are literally the life force of the planet. Without them, the living places in the world would fall into decay, and once again we’d see the coming of dark and evil things engulf the realm. They are the guardians of the forests, rivers, fields, seas and everything else under the sun. The Elves credit the spirits with not only the creation and upholding of the natural world, but also with the very existence of magic. Magic is the harnessing of the living force of the world (i.e. the spirits), and elves and other races closely attuned to the world have a natural capacity for sorcery. To them, it is a mystery as to how races less attune with nature are able to use magic, and those who revere the spirits tend to be skeptical or suspicious of other types of wizardry, seeing it as a manipulation or corruption of the natural order.

There are an uncountable number of spirits that inhabit the world; every grove, pond, river, etc potentially has one or more spirit inhabiting it. However, there are a handful of powerful, more popular spirits, found here: List of Major Spirits. For a more in depth look at the role spirits have played in the world, refer to the Elder Days page.

The All Mother and Great Father

Whereas the spirits are eternally bound to this world, the All Mother and Great Father are undoubtedly detached from it. These pair of celestial beings, however, have had a hand in the direction the world has taken, for those Men and Dwarves and any others who follow their divine guidance has forged the most expansive faction the world has ever seen. By divine revelation, the All Mother and Great Father introduced teachings and practices that fostered thriving communities and personal strength. Why these cosmic beings took an interest in the workings of this realm is a great mystery; speculation ranges from the pair being the true progenitors of the world to them being a fabricated hoax gone way too far. For more on their followers and beliefs, see The Church of the All Mother and Great Father (CAMGF), and here’s an image that is appropriate.

Titan Lords

Titans are the builders and destroyers of worlds. It was by their hands that this world was crafted, the foundations laid, and similarly torn asunder in ages past. What part the Titans played in the metaphysics of the world ends with its creation, however. Titans do not exert any mystical force upon the world, do not love their creation, and in a past era even sought the destruction of it. Their attempt failed, of course, and so they were banished from the realm, but their influence can still be felt in the form of followers. Titan worship is a fairly common practice among savage and greedy folk (Goblins, Beastmen, wicked Men, etc). Their followers believe that by worshiping Titans as gods, they might inherit the Titan’s awesome strength. Alternatively, many hold that if the Titans someday return, their loyalty would be rewarded, or at least save them from certain destruction.
For more on the Titan’s doings, or on their conflict with the spirits and the denizens of the world, visit the page on the Elder Days. Here’s a List of Titan Lords I haven’t written yet.

Vese Mirfae, Scion of the Stars

The Scion of the Stars is the daughter of the moon, and chief among her sister stars. As the chief star, she commands the movement of all celestial bodies in the night’s sky. The followers of this mystic cult are few, relegated to tribes of beastmen, most notably the Centaur herds, who call her Vese Mirfae. She is depicted as a celestial charger, leading the race across the sky. The centaur star-readers believe that Mirfea’s will and guidance can be divined by reading the omens in her movements. Many centaurs will wait weeks, months even for favorable omens before taking action, such as going to war or consummating a marriage.
_Weapon/Holy Symbol: A four-pointed star, sometimes as the eye of a horse.
Domains: Void, Luck, Darkness

Earth and Moon

Another cosmic-centric philosophy, the cult of Earth and Moon is a popular religion among students of the arcane for its down-to-earth explanation of magic. Instead of claiming that magic is drawn from a literal life force of the planet (as the older, elven customs claim), this theory posits that the light of the moon emits a magical field that saturates the earth with cosmic energies. This field explains why some of the more extreme examples of the supernatural occurs only in the light of the full moon (i.e. lycanthropy, and love).
Weapon/Holy Symbol: Two orbs, the smaller resting atop the larger

The Veld

The Veld is a coalition of celestial beings, quartered at a place named the Hyperion Bastion. These sworn defenders of the Good are come together in alliance against the greater forces of evil. They are an organized military made up of Archons, Gold Dragons, and other goodly creatures. There are few in the world that have even heard of the Veld or their sacred citadel, and among those who have, there are few who believe it. Those who answer the paladin’s call to serve find powerful allies in this ragtag band of guardians, whom are only too glad to lend champions their aid (e.g. Papsukkal‘s gifts and guidance to Rossla Do’Veznar).
Domains: Glory, Nobility, Sun, Good, Law
Weapon/Holy Symbol: Lion and Shield


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