Gnomes are the most diminutive of the little folk, ranging from three feet to three and a half feet tall and weighing on average from forty to sixty pounds. Gnomes age slowly, only reaching maturity by age thirty, living to an average of three hundred and fifty years, though they have lived up to five hundred years old. Gnomes have the same range of skin tones as humans have, and they most commonly have blue eyes.

The Gnome’s homeland is the Gnord Isles, far south of Nirvilin’s coasts. However, it is impossible to know for certain where the Gnomes originated, as local folklore suggests that the gnomes arrived to the Gnord Isles after a long journey. Gnomes gravitate towards wooded and hilly countries, but are especially drawn to islands and coasts. They live to enjoy all the natural world, which is reflected in their homesteads.

Gnomes enjoy the splendor of the natural world, but they also have a love and fascination with society. They are usually welcome anywhere they go as they are a generous folk, but have a reputation for being obsessively nosy. “Inquisitive” fails to sufficiently represent the Gnome’s temperament; they would rather discover by personal experience than by study, but have no qualm with writing volumes of their own. To the outside observer they would appear reckless; as a famous Gnomish author notes, “Gnomes always seem to get into the most unlikely of circumstances.”

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