List of Major Spirits


Domain: Knowledge, Liberation, Sun
Weapon/Holy Symbol: Long sword
Notes: A source of hope and wisdom. He is the patron of scholars and the oppressed.


Domains: Animal, Fire, Luck
Weapon/Holy Symbol: Long Bow / Dog
Notes: He has a lucky dog companion named Diego. He is the patron of hunters and archers.


Domains: Artifice, Magic, Runes
Weapon/Holy Symbol: Light Hammer / Anvil
Notes: Associated with the construction of artifacts and structures. He is the patron of craftsmen.


Domains: Healing, Water, Weather
Weapon/Holy Symbol: Harp
Notes: Popular in songs of both romance and tragedy. She is the matron of lyricists. She is associated with both the restorative properties and destructive nature of rain.


Domains: Animal, Plant, Weather
Weapon/Holy Symbol: Quarterstaff / Tree
Notes: Credited with populating the world. She is the matron of the natural world and druids. She is associated with the changing of seasons.


Domains: Community, Protection, Travel
Weapon/Holy Symbol: Rapier
Notes: Appeals are made to him for safe travels and prosperous living. He is the guardian of the home.


Domains: Air, Animal, War
Weapon/Holy Symbol: Scimitar
Notes: Tales sing of his martial skill. He is the patron of generals. He has a giant eagle named Aquila.

List of Major Spirits

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